Rock Solid Fatherhood Program

What is Rock Solid?
Rock Solid is a free, one-on-one weekly mentorship experience that pairs expectant/current fathers with a seasoned mentor to discuss the fatherhood role.

In each appointment, the father and mentor will explore available resources, engage in meaningful discussion about parenthood, and enjoy a casual environment together.

The mentorship experience is broken down into 7 focus topics: Fatherhood Basics, Financial Wisdom, Life Skills, Managing Emotions, Parenting, Supporting Mother, and Special Circumstances. Each father will craft their experience around their individual needs.

Brian Faust is the Rock Solid Fatherhood Coordinator.  Read his blog here…

How Can I Get Started?
If this opportunity interests you, here is how you can set up your first appointment:
Call Us: 574-267-5510
Text Us: 574-635-1272