B.A.B.E. Boutique

How do I earn coupons?

Expectant parents and parents of infants and children up to age 5 can earn coupons from over 50 different distributors including local doctors, and various educational and safety programs offered in the community. By attending appointments and participating in these programs parents can REQUEST a coupon.

You may earn up to 4 coupons per month per parent in our Parent Resource Library and up to 5 coupons per month per family in our Children’s Resource Library. Both of these programs are located in the BABE Boutique.

Coupon Distributors
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  • What can I find in the BABE boutique?
  • Clothing Items:1 coupon
  • Diapers (bundle of 12): 1 coupon
  • Pull-Ups (bundle of 8): 1 coupon
  • Wipes: 1 coupon
  • Formula: 4-9 coupons depending on size
  • Bottles: 1 coupon
  • Blankets: 1 coupon
  • Pacifiers: 1 coupon
  • Bath and Body Products: 1 coupon

And much more…

For larger items such as car seats, cribs, diaper bags, baby carriers, strollers, etc. check out our Special Order catalog on our Facebook page. We order these items new, the first Monday of each month. You can locate our Facebook page at Beds And Britches, Etc. (B.A.B.E.)

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