Rock Solid Fatherhood Program

What is Rock Solid Fatherhood?

Rock Solid Fatherhood is a free, one-on-one mentorship experience for expectant/new fathers (with children ages newborn-5 yrs.) to assist dads in developing courage, commitment, and competency in their role as a parent and to encourage positive involvement with their children.

What does a mentorship appointment look like?

During each appointment, the father and mentor will explore available resources, practice fatherhood-related skills, and engage in meaningful discussion about parenthood. Meetings are currently taking place at the center, by phone, or through Zoom video conferencing.

How often do fathers meet with their mentors? How long does the mentorship last?

The appointments are typically scheduled weekly, though alterations can be made as needed. Each father will determine his own time frame based on what he hopes to get out of the program. There are many resources and opportunities available for fathers to explore at their desired pace.

What topics are discussed?

The mentorship experience is broken down into 7 focus topics: Fatherhood Basics, Financial Wisdom, Life Skills, Managing Emotions, Parenting Strategies, Supporting Mother, and Unique Circumstances. Each father will craft an experience tailored to their own specific needs.

What does a mentorship appointment look like?

During each appointment, the father and mentor explore available resources and engage in meaningful discussion about fatherhood within a casual, welcoming environment. Parenting resources are often viewed and discussed and questions about the challenges of relationships and other areas of family life are answered.

What are the benefits to meeting?

In addition to the invaluable support of their mentor, fathers can earn BABE Store coupons for each appointment. Coupons can be used to redeem diapers, wipes, cribs, car seats, and more.Additional rewards may be earned depending on other factors, including consistent attendance in the program.

How Can I Get Started?

Call us: 574-267-5510
Text us: 574-635-1272

Visit us: Heartline Pregnancy Center
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