Warsaw, Ind. – Heartline Pregnancy Center offers parents the unique opportunity to receive coupons to the Beds And Britches, Etc. (BABE) Boutique in exchange for attending educational programs and doctor appointments. Coupons can be redeemed in-store to purchase items—such as diapers, clothes and furniture—for infants and toddlers. In 2017, there were 1,524 visits to BABE Boutique, and Heartline hopes to see that number increase as more parents get involved.

“The BABE Boutique allows parents in our community to get the resources they need to care for their children, while also ensuring that they’re actively investing in their children’s wellbeing outside of Heartline,” says Alyx Bates, Heartline’s director of operations.

The BABE Boutique is located in the Heartline Pregnancy Center Offices in the Health Pavilion. Heartline is dedicated to combating generational and situational poverty through a variety of programs, working to empower and equip men and women in the community who are involved with an unplanned pregnancy.