Hello, all!

 Let’s begin with an introduction…

My name is Heather and I am the other half of the wonderful writer that you would normally be reading from here. Two weeks ago, Brian humbly wrote the post “10 reasons I suck as a dad.” As always, it was a great read, but I just felt I HAD to write a follow-up to it about how great of a dad he is! We have talked about how fun it would be for me to be a guest writer at some point, and so, why not now?

Although I think Brian is the best thing since the invention of ice cream, this post is not to give him an ego boost…in the same way that the last post was not a lapse in self-esteem…the post is for you the reader to recognize YOUR value as a dad. If your significant other was to write about you, the list might be a little different, but know the impact you have on your family is SO significant! 

So, without further delay…

10 Reasons I love my Husband as a Dad

  1. He is more fun than me.  Sure, I may whip up a good kid outing together every once and a while. Sure, I can read a pile of books with great expression. But, this is NOTHING compared to the fun that occurs when my husband jumps in to play with the kids! A pillow becomes a weapon worthy of defeating the mighty dragon (dad). A mighty steed (dad) is ridden into the great horizon. A fierce monster (dad) growls around the house but falls dead at the feet of the 4-foot high girls. The guy is just so darn fun! I know for me as a mom, it is easy to get caught up in meals to prepare, helping them learn the essentials for being a productive human being, and just the busyness of the day-to-day. Sometimes you as a dad have the gift of lifting the mood. You bring the fun!
  1. He is my listening earThere is no way around it. Sometimes kids are just plain crazy! And sometimes the crazy that they bring drives me crazy! On those days, I so appreciate my husband coming home and listening to me. Sometimes it is just to vent. Sometimes it is to ask a question about a kid challenge and get some advice. But always, I appreciate my husband being present to listen to my mothering woes. 
  1. He is my teammateKids are smart. If they see a kink in the chain of your unity as parents, they WILL exploit it. I have always so appreciated that my hubby will back me on the decisions I make. Only very rarely will talk through variance in parenting in the moment. But, when it does happen, the kids see us calmly talking about our differences and agreeing on something. Long ago though, they learned that what mom says goes or vice versa!
  1. He is my balance.  In all relationships, we each bring something different to the table. In our relationship, I am the flexible extrovert. I will totally rewrite my day to write a person into it. Because of that though, tasks are at the very bottom of my list. What does that mean? Our house is almost always trashed. Thankfully, my husband balances that. He enjoys order and is willing to make it a priority to model and teach the kids how to care for the home appropriately. Because of his intentionality in helping me to see the importance of it, and in training the kids, the house is not ALWAYS trashed…and we are hopefully raising kids who are a balance of both of us!
  1. He is the introducer of the fine artsWhat are you good at? You add special color and depth to your kids’ life! For my hubby, he loves music! We have a drum set in our basement that he has given some coaching to the kids from. The banging and noise are worth it to peek around the corner to watch the kids admiring their daddy and then trying it themselves! He also loves everything from rap to music scores to rock to country to flamenco guitar! The kids are so much more cultured than they ever would have been if it was just me pouring into their lives.
  1. He is a positive model. You have heard this before, right? Just being present in a positive way makes a tremendous impact on the future of your son or daughter. For my three girls, they are learning about what a solid man looks like. I pray that they will not settle, but one day marry someone as incredible as the man I married! If you have a son, you become his model of what a man is. If you have a daughter, you show what a relationship with a man looks like. You are a key part of your kids’ future!
  1. He is my advocate in front of the kids.Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” “Who is the best mom ever?” These types of questions are playfully quizzed to our girls almost daily. I joke with him sometimes that he “brainwashes” the kids young, but secretly, I love it. And I think he knows I need that encouragement sometimes. Honor your partner in front of your kids…even if she rolls her eyes.
  1. He is self-sacrificing.  Who can put a price tag on this in any relationship?! But, him practicing this as a father, makes me love and respect him so much! Self-sacrifice looks like playing with kids when he comes home spent and tired. It shows itself as “vacation” transforms into selflessly making memories for the kids. It quietly surfaces through stopping a hobby to take a splinter out of a foot, or to help disciple children in working through conflict number 20 of the morning. Self-sacrifice is never fun, but it is so very honorable.
  1. He is my best friendWhat does this have to do with being a dad, you may ask? Well, a LOT! On the days I feel spent or lost within my role as a mother, my hubby is my friend. In those moments, it breathes life into me. It fills me up, refreshes me, and equips me for whatever battle I may face. Why? Because knowing that my best friend is there to walk with me through the challenges is often just what I need to get up again! And someone who I look forward to Thursday date night with (and most of the time we don’t even leave the house…it is all about the company!).
  1. He is our hero! I know…so cliché, right? But it is real. My kids worship the ground he walks on, and he is truly my favorite person! I know there are times that being a dad comes at a cost. He misses out on things sometimes or doesn’t have the luxuries of a single guy. But, I also know that the love and sacrifice that he pours into our family is not wasted. He has our honor and respect. 

I hope that today, as you take on the challenges of fatherhood, you realize the value YOU have as a dad! And as my hubby would say…Stay Rock Solid, Dads!! 🙂