Medical Services

Pregnancy Testing & Verification

Heartline provides free, confidential urine pregnancy tests for all women regardless of age, income, marital status, or residence. At your appointment we will determine an estimated due date based on the information you provide in the intake. You will receive a pregnancy verification that will allow you to apply for pregnancy Medicaid as well as any other social services for which you may qualify. Your nurse will discuss pregnancy options and community resources with you and answer any questions you may have. If you have missed your period call Heartline at 574-635-1272 or text 574-635-1272 to schedule your appointment and to see how Heartline can support you in this journey.



Heartline offers free first trimester limited fetal ultrasounds to confirm viability and dating. At your ultrasound appointment, the nurse will complete measurements of the baby to confirm dating, and measure the baby’s heart rate. To qualify you must have received a pregnancy verification through Heartline or your doctor. To see if you are eligible for an ultrasound and to schedule an appointment, please call Heartline at 574-267-5110 or text 574-635-1272.


STI Referral

Being sexually active puts you at risk for contracting an STI/STD. Heartline offers free STI/STD testing vouchers for both Men and Women. At your appointment you will complete some paperwork and meet with a client advocate to talk about what you are experiencing or have experienced, along with your concerns. At the close of your appointment you will receive a voucher to have full STI/STD testing completed at MedStat here in Warsaw. If you are in need of testing, please call Heartline at 574-267-5110 or text 574-635-1272 to schedule an appointment.