Mom Coaching

Earn While You Learn

Earn While You Learn (EWYL) is Heartline’s one-on-one program for expectant mothers as well as those who already have children. Appointments are scheduled once a week for approximately 30-45 minutes. You will meet with your own personal advocate weekly to discuss pregnancy and parenting joys as well as challenges. The video-based lessons go through a variety of topics, from prenatal and pregnancy care to newborn and toddler issues.

Earn While You Learn
Monday-Friday by Appointment
Call (574) 267-5110 or text (574) 635-1272

Through EWYL learn about:

  • Prenatal Care
  • Parenting
  • Emotional Health & Wellbeing
  • Life Skills
  • Health & Safety

Much More

By participating in EWYL, mothers earn B.A.B.E coupons to use in our B.A.B.E Boutique. We would love the opportunity to encourage, equip, and empower you to be the best mom you can be.The B.A.B.E Boutique is stocked with an assortment of baby items and features a special order catalog designed to help meet the needs of your child. Simply bring in the B.A.B.E coupons you have earned and exchange them for needed baby items.