Our Referral Reward Program will run from January through March 2019

Details: When you refer a friend/family member to come to Heartline for services, you will both be rewarded with a BABE coupon and entered into a drawing for 5 bonus coupons. If you are the one who made the referral, your name will be entered into the drawing 2 times, and your friend/family member will be entered once. The drawing will take place at the end of March. There is no limit on the number of referrals that can be made during this time.

How it works: Your friend/family member must say who it was that referred him/her in order for the offer to be valid. Once that person schedules & attends the appointment, you will be contacted and informed that the BABE coupon is available for pick up at your earliest convenience.

For an EWYL or Rocksolid referral, a coupon is automatically awarded and names entered in the drawing when the appointment takes place.

Regarding medical appointments, coupons will be awarded and names entered for the ultrasound appointment. Your friend/family member may first come to Heartline for a pregnancy test verification or may bring along an outside verification that allows us to provide the ultrasound.

Questions? 574-267-5110 or info@heartlinepregnancycenter.org


*This campaign is only valid for one visit by the new client.