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You want to be the best dad you can be. We’re here to make sure you succeed.

Rock Solid Fatherhood is a free service for fathers provided by Heartline Pregnancy Center of Warsaw, IN. On this blog, you will find brief, encouraging posts addressing effective parenting strategies, developing financial wisdom, sharpening essential life skills, managing emotions, being a support to mom, and other helpful topics. Make sure to check back each week, as we will be sharing a new topic every Monday.

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We know its not just about bringing home a paycheck. We get involved with our children, without distraction, daily.


No one ever ever said, “I wished I had spent less time with my family.” We use our time, money, and energy to truly yield a profit.


We acknowledge that we lead our families toward a destination, and we are intentional about where we are taking them.

It’s Not My Fault

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Have you ever done something you truly regret? Is there something you’ve said that has haunted you years afterward? I know I have. Just this morning, I recalled a time…

I’ve Got A Feeling

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It’s often been said that men have two basic feelings: “Okay” and “MAD!!!” Though this may be the only “feelings” that some men know, in reality, men have access to…

Dad’s Toolbox Series: Activities To Do With The Family Inside

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Fall and winter are approaching. Over the next few months, it is going to start getting increasingly colder outside. Many of our favorite activities to do during the warmer months…

The Unforgettable

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I didn’t see much of my father until I was in late middle school. It was around this time when I decided to start wrestling as a sport. I wasn’t…

An Interview with Ponyboy: Respect

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I will be honest, I don’t have an endless supply of insight to give you fathers out there who have a older boy. My oldest is 6, and I have…

Superman for a Day

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      These last few weeks, I celebrated the birthday of my oldest daughter (now 6) and my youngest (she just turned 1). It’s crazy to think that it…

Walking a Different Path

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  “Our children give us the opportunity to become the parents we’d always wish we had.” – Dr. Louise Hart, American psychologist, speaker, and writer      My own father entered…

Dad’s Toolbox Series: Bedtime Stories

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     Together, we have covered some heavy, yet essential topics related to being a Rock Solid father. It is my desire to balance these topics with others that present…

When the Lights Come On

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     Have you ever been caught in the act of a really poor decision? If you have not, congratulations! You truly are a rare breed of human being. For…

A Few Tips for Financial Success

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     When I first ask fathers what three topics that they would most like to discuss when we start our mentorship experience, finances is almost always among the three….


Brian J. Faust is the Fatherhood Program Coordinator of Rock Solid Fatherhood in Warsaw, IN. He is the husband of the world’s best wife and father of three beautiful girls. He has nearly a decade of mentorship and mental health experience. Brian has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grace College. It is his desire to come alongside men of all walks of life as they embrace their role as partner and father with rock solid strength.

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